Office Tales

A vignette or two
Patrick Onions

The day I met you

Seven in the morning. My second day at work.

The morning air is cool and crisp, July sunshine streaming into the farthest corners of the big open plan office. Sleeves rolled up and jacket behind the chair, my keyboard clatters as digital chores are swept out the way.

Employees slowly drift in, leaving bags under their desks to stroll around to the tea room. A hello here, a good morning there, relaxed.

I glance up. It is hard not to notice the tall, pretty girl arriving on the far side. Long legs in an immaculate light grey suit, walking with confident and effortless grace. I am trying not to be obvious as you make your way around.

You walk by, turn to me and flash the most gorgeous smile. Perhaps it was a quarter-to-nine, I wasn't paying attention. My heart was yours.

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