I was posted to Malaysia to manage a telecommunications technology project developed in South Africa by Prism. Malaysia is an immensely interesting country, offerings sights and smells quite different to the dry Highveld of Johannesburg. The biggest shock was on leaving the airport, with the clinging humidity stifling one even at 5am. We had the opportunity to travel north towards Thailand and to visit KL in the evenings and weekends. I only had the trusty old Pentax at this time.

I visited Stuart in KL in 2011 and accompanied him to Singapore. Here are some pictures of Kuala Lumpur on that trip and here are a few highlights of Singapore.

KLCC: At the base of the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. There is an enormous shopping centre there with brand name stores on four or five levels.
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Penang: No waves to speak of, bath-temperature sea and lush vegetation. With a house like this, what more could a person ask for?
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