Florida was a culture shock. My first conference paper was accepted for presentation at SCI2002 here in July 2002. With no hotel reservations, I landed at Miami International airport and took the Greyhound up to Orlando the next day. Some folk were pretty friendly, but got stuck for two nights in a real flea-pit motel in Orlando near the bus station. Moved downtown, presented my paper, visited Sea World and took the bus down to Key West. The small island was really busy over the weekend, but quiet during the week. Bus is not the classiest way to travel, but I did get to see the countryside and talk to a mix of people.

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Small Keys: With a small tidal range and no waves to speak of, much of beachfront property in the Keys looks like this. Taken from the bus, with an old Pentax.

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Key West sunset: Warm water, humidity and an odd desire to drink excessively and watch 30's movies? Well, Hemingway's house was just around the corner.

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