Our family has never stayed at home.

Life is full of strange coincidences. I came to Yorkshire because of my studies. Michael Bickley traced the family roots back to at least 1274, and I discovered that I was working 5 miles away from where my mother's family had been living for 500 years in Yorkshire. A PDF of the family tree may be found here.

Here you may find an archive of old family photos that were lying in boxes, waiting to be scanned, captioned and categorised. Please contact me if there are any details you'd like corrected or require copies of the original high-res scan.

And here is Yvonne's page with some recipes and writing.

Some snaps

Christmas crew: Patrick, Colin, Natanya, Jessica, Yvonne and Anthony.
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Junk food zebras: Anthony and Patrick feeding crisps to the zebra at Gwaai
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Still riding: Mum at 80, in Nooitgedacht.
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As it should be: My folks shared some adventures. Here they were on the beach in East London c.1963, with mum's horse Irish Sea.
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Dad's side of the family

Gordon and Ruth: My father and aunt, Bulawayo in 1926 or 1927.
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Gordon in WW2: My father fought in North Africa and Italy in the Second World War for the Cape Town City Highlanders.
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Mom's side of the family

Bessie and Mercia in the 1920's: East London (South Africa) was a swinging town.
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Camels and pyramids: Cousin Esme Bellad Ellis just before WW2.
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Yvonne's grandparents: Pop and Flo Bellad Ellis and Bessie (mom's mother).
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