List of photos ordered by photo number / file name

img10001 Ruth Onions.jpg
img10002 Gordon and Ruth Onions.jpg
img10003 Ted Onions mother perhaps.jpg
img10005 St John and Ruth Burton.jpg
img10006 St John and Ruth Burton.jpg
img10007 Ruth Onions and Gladys Crump.jpg
img10008 Ruth and Gordon Onions.jpg
img10009 Michael Burton and his two sons.jpg
img10010 Ruth Onions.jpg
img10011 Ruth Onions.jpg
img10012 Yvonne Gordon Edward and Michael.jpg
img10013 Gordon Burton.jpg
img10014 Michael Burton.jpg
img10019 Edward and Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10020 St John Burton with son Gordon.jpg
img10021 Gladys Crump (nee Smith) amongst the arum lilies.jpg
img10022 Gladys and Crump climbing.jpg
img10023 Edward Onions in the 1950s.jpg
img10024 Gordon and Michael Burton.jpg
img10025 Ted Onions on his retirement in early 1970s.jpg
img10026 Sue Wright - Violets granddaughter and possibly Rex's daughter.jpg
img10027 Gladys Crump climbing in the Cape in the 1940s.jpg
img10028 St John and Ruth Burton.jpg
img10029 Ruth and St John Burton.jpg
img10030 Ruth and St John Burton.jpg
img10031 StJohn and Ruth Burton.jpg
img10032 St John and Ruth Burton.jpg
img10033 Ruth and Gordon Onions in the late 1920s.jpg
img10034 Noreen Burton with sons Andrew and Simon.jpg
img10035 Andrew and Simon Burton (Michaels sons).jpg
img10036 Michael Ruth and St John Burton.jpg
img10037 Gladys Winnie Ruth and Gordon Onions.jpg
img10038 Another ex-Rhodesian.jpg
img10039 Bessie and Yvonne Bellad Ellis in the 1943 in Port Elizabeth.jpg
img10040 Bulawayo Post Office and Rhodes statue.jpg
img10041 Edward Onions and Keith Vaughn at Edwards wedding.jpg
img10042 Joy Noel and Ian Howcroft.jpg
img10043 Yvonne Onions at 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10044 Bessie Howcroft.jpg
img10045 Archie Bellad Ellis and photo of HMS Hawkins.jpg
img10046 Yvonne Bellad Ellis with Barney.jpg
img10047 Eddie Cannon with Carmen.jpg
img10048 Gail Ball.jpg
img10049 Pam Joyce and Bobby Fraser.jpg
img10050 Eddie Cannon with Carmen.jpg
img10051 Lydia and Uncle Griff.jpg
img10052 Bessie Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10053 has Milnerton written on back.jpg
img10054 Jean Howcroft and Bill Southwell.jpg
img10055 Edward Onions in the BSAP in early 1960s.jpg
img10056 Pam Fraser.jpg
img10057 Carmen.jpg
img10058 Mercia and Gail Ball.jpg
img10059 George Howcroft Bessie and Yvonne.jpg
img10060 Yvonne Onions at the Professional Womens Institue.jpg
img10061 Joy Taylor Bessie and Archie Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10062 Pam Eddy and Yvonne.jpg
img10063 Eddie and Carmen.jpg
img10064 Bobby and Heather Fraser.jpg
img10065 Warwick Uncle Griff and George Griffin.jpg
img10066 Lorraine at George and Edies wedding.jpg
img10067 Yvonne Bellad Ellis and Neville Goldschmidt.jpg
img10068 The Gonubie house where the Onions lived in the 1980s.jpg
img10069 Anthony Onions in the Air Force.jpg
img10070 Rob Howcroft.jpg
img10071 Bickleys.jpg
img10072 Rex Nigel and Robin Wright.jpg
img10073 Patrick Onions at Rhodes University.jpg
img10074 Colin Onions.jpg
img10075 Patrick and Liz in Army at Kiepersol.jpg
img10076 Onions family.jpg
img10077 Winnie Katarina Ruth and Michael.jpg
img10078 Winnie Katarina Ruth and Michael.jpg
img10079 Gladys (Winfred's sister) and her mother.jpg
img10080 Sister Mercer - Ruths nurse when she was born.jpg
img10081 Ted Onions.jpg
img10082 Smith sisters Winny Violet and Gladys.jpg
img10083 Onions family.jpg
img10084 Winnifred Onions (nee Smith) father.jpg
img10085 Ruth Burton and Grandpa Smith's sister in Sussex.jpg
img10086 Ruth Onions.jpg
img10087 GPO Cousin Beryl and Ruth and StJohn before WW2.jpg
img10088 Gordon Burton.jpg
img10089 Les Wright and Violet.jpg
img10090 Winifred Anne Smith's father and mother.jpg
img10091 perhaps Edna on right.jpg
img10092 Onions in Avondale in Salisbury.jpg
img10093 Onions family in Avondale Salisbury.jpg
img10094 Onions in Avondale Salisbury.jpg
img10095 Ruth Michael and Gordon.jpg
img10096 Ted Onions.jpg
img10097 Ruth and StJohn.jpg
img10098 Gladys Ruth and Gordon.jpg
img10099 GPO in Lobengula Street 1924.jpg
img10100 Wireless at No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10101 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10102 Bessie and Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10103 Teddy and Gail Ball.jpg
img10104 Lydia George Warwick and Uncle Griff.jpg
img10105 Mercia and George.jpg
img10106 Pam Anne and Gail at Yvonnes wedding.jpg
img10107 Carmen.jpg
img10108 George and Edies wedding.jpg
img10109 George and Edies wedding in Pretoria.jpg
img10110 Emily Howcroft.jpg
img10111 Florence Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10112 Maleme Dam Motopos.jpg
img10113 Yvonne and Patrick Onions.jpg
img10114 Edward and Cathy Onions.jpg
img10115 Bessie Mrs Roome Archie and Douglas Roome.jpg
img10116 Jim Howcroft farewell from the railways.jpg
img10117 Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10118 In Kempton Park mid 1950s.jpg
img10119 Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10120 Bessie Howcroft.jpg
img10121 Admin buildings in Windhoek.jpg
img10122 Pam Lorraine and Yvonne.jpg
img10123 Pam Fraser.jpg
img10124 Chimanimani.jpg
img10125 Birchenough Bridge.jpg
img10126 Blue Boy.jpg
img10127 Simba in Burnside.jpg
img10128 Geese in Burnside, Bulawayo.jpg
img10129 Gordon and Patrick in Burnside Bulawayo.jpg
img10130 Simba in Burnside 1966.jpg
img10131 Burnside.jpg
img10132 Gordon and Patrick in Burnside 1966.jpg
img10133 Yvonne and Patrick Onions 1966.jpg
img10134 Bruce and daughter Bunny Bushnell.jpg
img10135 Burnside vegeable garden.jpg
img10136 Patrick and Yvonne.jpg
img10137 Patrick Onions christening party.jpg
img10138 Sharon Udakin.jpg
img10139 George Griffin's grandmother.jpg
img10140 Selborne College matric 1983 with Patrick Onions.jpg
img10141 Yvonne Patrick and Anthony Onions at Victoria Falls.jpg
img10142 Yvonne Anthony and Patrick Onions at the Vicoria Falls Hotel.jpg
img10143 Yvonne Anthony and Patrick Onions at Victoria Falls.jpg
img10144 Jean Anne Patrick and Yvonne.jpg
img10145 YWori and Archie Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10146 William and Flo Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10147 George Howcroft in Libyan desert 1942.jpg
img10148 Owen Nel at Selborne College.jpg
img10149 Yvonne Onions at Upway Riding School.jpg
img10150 Stable groom in Ndola in the early 1960s.jpg
img10151 Gordon Onions.jpg
img10152 Burnside house.jpg
img10153 Patrick and Gordon Onions.jpg
img10154 Yvonne and Patrick 1966.jpg
img10155 Grooms in Ndola.jpg
img10156 George Howcroft George Griffin and Lydia.jpg
img10157 Rosenna and Christopher.jpg
img10158 Sable antelope at Matopos.jpg
img10159 Yvonne Onions at Haddon Hall.jpg
img10160 Melsetter road.jpg
img10161 Onions family in Melsetter.jpg
img10162 Gordon Anthony and Patrick Onions.jpg
img10163 Anthony Yvonne and Patrick Onions.jpg
img10164 Yvonne and husband in italy.jpg
img10165 Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10166 Billy Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10167 Pop Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10168 Archie Bellad-Ellis and friend.jpg
img10169 Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10170 Lydia or Bessie Howcroft in about 1915.jpg
img10171 Yvonne and Edward Onions.jpg
img10172 Gordon Onions.jpg
img10173 Gordon and Trish Burton.jpg
img10174 Melsetter.jpg
img10175 Bridal Veil Falls.jpg
img10176 Bridal Veil Falls Melsetter.jpg
img10177 Birchenough Bridge.jpg
img10178 Silenius and Tawny.jpg
img10179 Anthony Onions in Windhoek.jpg
img10180 Anthony Onions in Baines uniform.jpg
img10181 Onions and Parr family.jpg
img10182 Pop and Flo BE - Yvonnes grandparents - and Bessie - Yvonnes mom.jpg
img10183 Patrick Anthony and Yvonne Onions in Durban.jpg
img10184 Anthony Patrick Yvonne Onions and Bessie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10185 Anthony Onions in the early 1970s.jpg
img10186 Anthony Onions in the early 1970s.jpg
img10187 Anthony Onions in Bulawayo.jpg
img10188 Anthony and Patrick Onions.jpg
img10189 Yvonne at her second wedding in Italy.jpg
img10190 Hillary Ions.jpg
img10191 Barney in Cape Town.jpg
img10192 Yvonne Bellad Ellis and two heifers on farm in Belfast.jpg
img10193 Patrick in the sand in Bulawayo.jpg
img10194 Patrick at the cottage.jpg
img10195 Patrick in Bulawayo late 1960s.jpg
img10196 Patrick fishing on Nahoon River.jpg
img10197 Yvonne Anthony and Patrick Onions in Chimanimani.jpg
img10198 John Garlick and his wife with Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10199 The Garlick children in Bulawayo.jpg
img10200 Patrick Onions.jpg
img10201 Anthony Onions.jpg
img10202 Onions family holiday at Inyanga.jpg
img10203 Caravan holiday in Rhodesia.jpg
img10204 Anthony Onions at Baines Infants 1974.jpg
img10205 Anthony in standard 6 at Selborne.jpg
img10206 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis on Barney.jpg
img10207 Kenmuir.jpg
img10208 Kenmuir and Irish Sea.jpg
img10209 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis with Rossena.jpg
img10210 Gail Ball at Yvonnes wedding.jpg
img10211 Gail Ball.jpg
img10212 George Lydia Griff and others in Pretoria.jpg
img10213 Gordon and Trish wedding.jpg
img10214 Pam Fraser Gail Ball and Lorraine.jpg
img10215 Billy and Archie Bellad Ellis on training.jpg
img10216 Archie and Billy Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10217 Gail Ball in Germiston.jpg
img10218 Gordon Onions at work.jpg
img10219 Gordon Patrick Onions in the office.jpg
img10220 Gordon Onions on site.jpg
img10221 Demolitions in Gwelo.jpg
img10222 Demolitions in Gwelo.jpg
img10223 Demolitions in Gwelo.jpg
img10224 Demolitions in Gwelo.jpg
img10225 Demolitions in Gwelo.jpg
img10226 Gwelo Midlands Hotel.jpg
img10227 Norwich Union Gwelo.jpg
img10228 GPOs model of the Bulawayo civic complex.jpg
img10229 GPOs model of Bulawayo Civic Complex.jpg
img10230 GPOs model of the Bulawayo Civic Complex.jpg
img10231 The Bulawayo Civic Rates Hall after construction.jpg
img10232 The Bellvue Center model by GPO.jpg
img10233 Model of the Meikles Hotel in Salisbury.jpg
img10234 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10235 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10236 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10237 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10238 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10239 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10240 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10241 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10242 Flush glazing at PG Glass.jpg
img10243 Flush glazing at PG Glass.jpg
img10244 Johannesburg Sun.jpg
img10245 Johannesburg Sun.jpg
img10246 Johannesburg Sun.jpg
img10247 Johannesburg Sun.jpg
img10248 Yvonne Onions at No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10249 Yvonne at No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10250 No 3 Tuli Close.jpg
img10251 Gonubie house.jpg
img10252 Edward Onions and daughter.jpg
img10253 Alice Onions.jpg
img10254 WW2 survivors taken by Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10255 Archie Bellad-Ellis in WW1.jpg
img10256 Cannons and Bellad-Ellis in Kempton Park.jpg
img10257 Ian and George Howcroft.jpg
img10258 Ian and George Howcroft and others.jpg
img10259 Terry and Pam.jpg
img10260 The Bickley twins.jpg
img10261 Joy and her second husband.jpg
img10262 Steen in Nooitgedacht.jpg
img10263 Andrew riding Holly.jpg
img10264 Yvonne Bellad Ellis in Windsor.jpg
img10265 Bessie godchild Desire in PMB.jpg
img10266 Bessie and Archie on holiday in Durban.jpg
img10267 Rina Edward and Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10268 Edward and Yvonne Onions in the Matopos.jpg
img10269 Cathy on her wedding day.jpg
img10270 Yvonne marrying Keith Vaughn.jpg
img10271 Yvonne and Keiths wedding.jpg
img10272 Yvonne and Keiths wedding.jpg
img10273 Onions family early 1960s.jpg
img10274 Violet and Winnie.jpg
img10275 Winnie and Gladys and their father.jpg
img10276 Yvonne Bellad Ellis 1932.jpg
img10277 Gordon Onions and friend in the Matopos.jpg
img10278 Gordon and Yvonne Onions in the Matopos.jpg
img10279 Gordon Onions and Teddy.jpg
img10280 Colin Parratt.jpg
img10281 Angie Onions.jpg
img10282 Frances and Hilary Ions.jpg
img10283 Jessica Onions.jpg
img10284 Colin Onions.jpg
img10285 Colin and Jessica Onions.jpg
img10286 Leanne Colin and Jessica Onions.jpg
img10287 Jessica and Colin Onions.jpg
img10288 Jessica Onions.jpg
img10289 Patrick Sieg and Lizelle on Constantia Kloof.jpg
img10290 Architects on site at Constantia Kloof.jpg
img10291 Constantia Kloof after Patrick had done some clearing - about 2001.jpg
img10292 Jessica Onions.jpg
img10293 Patrick Onions and Anne Slade at the Gillespie house.jpg
img10294 Yvonne Bessie and Tessa 1963.jpg
img10295 Tortoise Street office with Gavin Russell.jpg
img10296 Winnie Onions.jpg
img10297 Bulawayo City Hall.jpg
img10298 Pam Fraser Jean Howcroft and Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10299 Instrotech weekend at Buffelsdrift.jpg
img10300 Grahamstown.jpg
img10301 Les and Yvonne at the Burtons 50th anniversary.jpg
img10302 Gordon Ruth and Michael Burton.jpg
img10303 Trish Ruth and Gordon Burton.jpg
img10304 Debbie Burton and Yvonne Onions.jpg
img10305 Yvonnes place in Nooitgedacht.jpg
img10306 Yvonnes place in Nooitgedacht.jpg
img10307 Yvonnes place in Nooitgedacht.jpg
img10308 Yvonnes place in Nooitgedacht.jpg
img10309 Joanne jumping Pliable May 2004.jpg
img10310 Yvonne Onions in 1940.jpg
img10311 Morris and Howcroft get together 1998.jpg
img10312 Howcroft family get together.jpg
img10313 Rugby in Windhoek in the 1930s.jpg
img10314 Windhoek house in the 1930s.jpg
img10315 Klein Windohoek in the 1930s.jpg
img10316 Archie and Billy Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10317 Howcrofts in Pretoria.jpg
img10318 Muriel.jpg
img10319 Joyce Howcroft.jpg
img10320 Yvonne and Stormy in 1947.jpg
img10321 Joyce Howcroft.jpg
img10322 VAD nurses in Pretoria 1925.jpg
img10323 Lydia Howcroft at a fancy dress.jpg
img10324 Howcroft daughters in Windhoek.jpg
img10325 Maude Howcroft under the peppercorn trees.jpg
img10326 Joyce Howcroft.jpg
img10327 Possibly Lydia Howcroft.jpg
img10328 Uncle Griff in SWA.jpg
img10329 George Howcroft.jpg
img10330 Lydia Howcroft in Karabib 1918.jpg
img10331 Archies soccer team.jpg
img10332 Joyce Howcroft on a motorcycle.jpg
img10333 3rd Bulawayo scout troop.jpg
img10334 Yvonne Enid and Joe at the beach.jpg
img10335 Gail Ball in Cape Town.jpg
img10336 Yvonne Enid and Joe in Durban.jpg
img10337 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis on the beach.jpg
img10338 Archie Bellad-Ellis and holiday friends.jpg
img10339 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis and the Cannons.jpg
img10340 Esme Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10341 Pretoria Station in 1925.jpg
img10342 Cape Town view from Table Mountain.jpg
img10343 Victoria Falls taken by George Howcroft.jpg
img10344 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Windhoek.jpg
img10345 Snow in Belfast.jpg
img10346 Tippie Howcroft at Salt River workshops.jpg
img10347 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis convent group photo.jpg
img10348 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis on Barney in Cape Town.jpg
img10349 Bulawayo City Hall.jpg
img10350 Gordon Onions in the Matopos.jpg
img10351 Artesian water in Uitenhage.jpg
img10352 Elandsfontein.jpg
img10353 Bonnie in Kempton Park.jpg
img10354 Tom Brass and Archie Bellad-Ellis in Upington.jpg
img10355 Archie Bellad-Ellis on holiday at Tweedie.jpg
img10356 Salt Rock hotel.jpg
img10357 Howick Falls.jpg
img10358 Pretoria Station 1925.jpg
img10359 Pretoria Station 1925.jpg
img10360 Pretoria Station 1925.jpg
img10361 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Durban.jpg
img10362 Neville Goldschmidt.jpg
img10363 Mercia Howcroft at Nahoon.jpg
img10364 Dessie in Pietermartizburg.jpg
img10365 Lucas Cannon and children.jpg
img10366 Archie and Bessie Bellad-Ellis on holiday in Tweedy.jpg
img10367 Esme Bellad Ellis at her wedding.jpg
img10368 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis at Salt Rock.jpg
img10369 Andrew Brass and Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10370 Joan White Phillips in Upington.jpg
img10371 Bellad-Ellis family in fancy dress.jpg
img10372 Bessie Bellad-Ellis in the 1920s.jpg
img10373 George Howcroft at Victoria Falls.jpg
img10374 Victoria Falls.jpg
img10375 Bessie Bellad-Ellis with Tony and Tuppence.jpg
img10376 Joyce and Lydia Howcroft.jpg
img10377 Bessie Bellad-Ellis in the 1920s.jpg
img10378 Henry Grattan-Bellew with Templehof.jpg
img10379 Bellad-Ellis family with Esme dressed up.jpg
img10380 Flo Esme and Bessie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10381 Billy Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10382 Bellad-Ellis family dressing up.jpg
img10383 Bessie and Deborah Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10384 Floods in Windhoek.jpg
img10385 Bellad-Ellis ladies in fancy dress.jpg
img10386 Windhoek home of the Howcrofts.jpg
img10387 Tom and Andrew Brass with Archie.jpg
img10388 Maude and Tom Howcroft.jpg
img10389 Clive Griffin.jpg
img10390 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Pietermaritzburg.jpg
img10391 Patrick Onions.jpg
img10392 Pam Fraser.jpg
img10393 Howcrofts and Griffins in Pretoria.jpg
img10394 Griff and Tom Howcroft near Messina on the way to Victoria Falls.jpg
img10395 Joan White-Phillips brother.jpg
img10396 Uncle Griffs car in Pretoria.jpg
img10397 Friend of Bessie Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10398 With Hereros in SWA.jpg
img10399 Pam Fraser at Yvonnes wedding.jpg
img10400 Bessie and Yvonne in Windhoek.jpg
img10401 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis dressed for the school play.jpg
img10402 Bessie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10403 Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10404 Warwick Yvonne and George in Pretoria.jpg
img10405 Archie Bellad Ellis in uniform.jpg
img10406 Governor-Generals residence in Pretoria.jpg
img10407 Andrew Walter and Tom Brass.jpg
img10408 Bessie Bellad-Ellis at Tweedie.jpg
img10409 Blueboy.jpg
img10410 Spillers and Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10411 Archie at Tweedie.jpg
img10412 Archie at Tweedie.jpg
img10413 Mercia and Gail Ball.jpg
img10414 Cape Town.jpg
img10415 Yvonne Bellad Ellis in Windhoek.jpg
img10416 Bloemfontein sandstorm.jpg
img10417 Hartbeespoort Dam.jpg
img10418 Hartbeespoort Dam.jpg
img10419 Newly constructed Hartbeespoort Dam.jpg
img10420 Jim Howcroft and Flo McCurry.jpg
img10421 Girlfriend of George Howcroft.jpg
img10422 Tippie Howcroft.jpg
img10423 Blue in Kempton Park.jpg
img10424 Joan van Greunen nee White-Phillips.jpg
img10425 Tom and Maude Howcroft.jpg
img10426 Yvonne Onions at confirmation.jpg
img10427 Dorcas Bellad-Ellis dancing.jpg
img10428 David and Patty Anne Forsyth.jpg
img10429 Billy and Dorcas Forsyth.jpg
img10430 Maleme Dam Matopos.jpg
img10431 Bessie and Archie in East London.jpg
img10432 Billy Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10433 Dennis Wiggel.jpg
img10434 Pam Joyce and Jim Fraser.jpg
img10435 Penny Norton with Kenmuir.jpg
img10436 Bessie Howcroft rowing.jpg
img10437 Belfast towards Machadadorp.jpg
img10438 Belfast horse and rider.jpg
img10439 Bellad-Ellis camping group photo.jpg
img10440 Football in Windhoek in the 1930s.jpg
img10441 Billy Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10442 George Howcroft.jpg
img10443 Tippie Howcroft in Cape Town in 1938.jpg
img10444 Tippie Howcroft.jpg
img10445 George Mercia and Billy.jpg
img10446 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Kempton Park.jpg
img10447 Esme and Lily Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10448 Bessie Howcrofts fiance.jpg
img10449 Bessie Howcroft.jpg
img10450 Howcrofts and Bellad-Ellis on the beach.jpg
img10451 Howcroft and Bellad-Ellis gathering.jpg
img10452 Bellad-Ellis or Howcroft encampment.jpg
img10453 Yvonne Onions passport photo.jpg
img10454 Yvonne and Archie.jpg
img10455 Yvonne with Blue and Polly.jpg
img10456 Construction on Hartbeespoort Dam.jpg
img10457 Bessie Yvonne and Archie onboard.jpg
img10458 Bessie Howcroft nursing in Windhoek.jpg
img10459 Bellad-Ellis beach kitchen.jpg
img10460 Bloemfontein dust storm.jpg
img10461 Moongate.jpg
img10462 Yvonne and Bessie in 1941.jpg
img10463 Joe Carrick.jpg
img10464 Holes and Howcrofts in Pretoria.jpg
img10465 Pam and Harolds wedding invitation.jpg
img10466 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis on holiday in Margate.jpg
img10467 Bessie Howcroft with nursing colleagues in Windhoek.jpg
img10468 Holmes and Howcrofts in Pretoria.jpg
img10469 Dorcas Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10470 Bessie and nursing colleagues.jpg
img10471 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Windhoek.jpg
img10472 Howcrofts in the river.jpg
img10473 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis and Bobby Fraser.jpg
img10474 Joan van Greunen.jpg
img10475 Yvonne Onions in Windhoek.jpg
img10476 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Upington.jpg
img10477 Esme Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10478 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in standard 8.jpg
img10479 Gail and Mercia Ball.jpg
img10480 Basil Roach on Stormy.jpg
img10481 Bessie and Yvonne Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10482 Bessie and Archie in Durban in the 1950s.jpg
img10483 Bessie and Yvonne in Windhoek.jpg
img10484 George and Warwick Griffin.jpg
img10485 Pretoria lit for the Prince of Wales.jpg
img10486 Completed bridge in Upington.jpg
img10487 Bessie Bellad-Ellis in Pretoria.jpg
img10488 Uncle George Howcroft.jpg
img10489 Billy Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10490 Uncle Griff.jpg
img10491 Griff and Lydia.jpg
img10492 Bessie in Windhoek.jpg
img10493 Bessie and Yvonne in the early 1930s.jpg
img10494 Archie Yvonne George and Bessie taken at Maitland in Cape Town.jpg
img10495 Emma from Belfast.jpg
img10496 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10497 Yvonne in Kempton Park.jpg
img10498 Yvonne and Joan on the mine dumps.jpg
img10499 Garden Route 1940s.jpg
img10500 Archie and Scamp on the Garden Route.jpg
img10501 Maude Howcroft at Tippie and Jeans wedding.jpg
img10502 Tom Howcroft in about 1934.jpg
img10503 Tom Howcroft in Windhoek.jpg
img10504 Tom Howcroft.jpg
img10505 Howick Falls in the 1930s.jpg
img10506 Uncle Griff and George in about 1924.jpg
img10507 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10508 Mercia Howcroft.jpg
img10509 Howcrofts with daughters.jpg
img10510 Bellad-Ellis and friends on holiday.jpg
img10511 Bessie and Archie with Joe Carrick.jpg
img10512 Joan van Greunen.jpg
img10513 Archie at Tweedie.jpg
img10514 Archie and Deborah Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10515 Eddie Cannon.jpg
img10516 Michael Gordon and Trish Burton.jpg
img10517 Deborah and Dorcas Bellad-Ellis with children.jpg
img10518 Yvonne marriage with Gail Pam and Anne.jpg
img10519 Yvonnes wedding day.jpg
img10520 Howcroft Family group 1938.jpg
img10521 Maude Howcroft 1938 CT.jpg
img10522 Maude Howcrofts bookshop in Windhoek.jpg
img10523 Jean and Tippie Howcroft.jpg
img10524 Reception and Jean and Tippies wedding in 1938.jpg
img10525 Tippie and Jeans wedding with Maude and Yvonne.jpg
img10526 Tippie and Jeans wedding with Yvonne.jpg
img10527 George Howcroft and friends.jpg
img10528 Noel Ian and George Howcroft in 2009.jpg
img10529 Maude Howcroft.jpg
img10530 Yvonne Bellad Ellis in Pietermaritzburg.jpg
img10531 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis and Tom Brass.jpg
img10532 Yvonne and the Cannons in Kempton Park 1954.jpg
img10533 Yvonne BE and Lynette Schelschopf Upington.jpg
img10534 Yvonne BE and Marie Spiller 1938.jpg
img10535 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis and Neville Goldschmidt.jpg
img10536 Yvonne Tom and Walter Brass.jpg
img10537 Yvonne Bellad Ellis on the beach in 1939.jpg
img10538 Yvonne Bellad Ellis at Sam Cohen's garage.jpg
img10539 Yvonne Bellad Ellis in Germiston 1940.jpg
img10540 Yvonne in Kempton Park.jpg
img10541 Yvonne farming in Belfast.jpg
img10542 Yvonne in Pietermaritzburg.jpg
img10543 Yvonne prior to moving to Rhodesia.jpg
img10544 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis at the railway bookshop.jpg
img10545 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis as a baby.jpg
img10546 Yvonne with the Bushnells in Zambia.jpg
img10547 Lucas and Eddie Cannon.jpg
img10548 Nan Boyes in 1950.jpg
img10549 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in 1951.jpg
img10550 Yvonne Bellad-Ellis in Upington at age 8.jpg
img10551 Jackie Howcroft in Chicago.jpg
img10552 Gordon Onions with Faust.jpg
img10553 Gordon and Anthony Onions 1968.jpg
img10554 Maude Howcrofts bookshop in Windhoek.jpg
img10555 Pam Lorrain and Yvonne.jpg
img10556 Archie and Bessie in Bonza Bay 1963.jpg
img10557 Archie Bellad-Ellis and Winnie wedding.jpg
img10558 Archie Bellad-Ellis in Bulawayo.jpg
img10559 Archie Bellad Ellis - Bonza Bay Hotel 1963.jpg
img10560 Yvonne and Auntie Deb East London.jpg
img10561 Archie Yvonne and Bessie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10562 Pop Yvonne and Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10563 Archie Bellad-Ellis in the Artillery.jpg
img10564 Bessie Archie and Yvonne in Port Elizabeth 1944.jpg
img10565 Archie Steve Donahue Rinty and Yvonne Upington 1938.jpg
img10566 Bellad Ellis family taken just after WW1.jpg
img10567 Bellad Ellis family with Debra Archie Billy Dorcas and Billy Forsyth.jpg
img10568 The Bellad-Ellis Plymouth.jpg
img10569 Bess and friend prior to outbreak of WW2.jpg
img10570 Bessie and Flo Bellad Ellis about 1924.jpg
img10571 Bessie as a junior nurse.jpg
img10572 Bessie Bellad Ellis.jpg
img10573 Bessie Bellad Ellis centre with Transreef ladies Jhb office 1951-2.jpg
img10574 Esme Bellad-Ellis in Egypt during WW2.jpg
img10575 Lionel at 5yrs and Ann at 11yrs.jpg
img10576 George and Edie Griffin getting married with Pam and Yvonne BE as bridesmaids.jpg
img10577 Neville Goldschmidt and Mollie East London.jpg
img10578 Pop and Archie Bellad-Ellis.jpg
img10579 Pop Bellad Ellis very early in the 1900s.jpg
img10580 Tippy Howcroft with scout troop.jpg
img10581 scout troop with Tippy Howcoft.jpg
img10582 Yvonne Bessie and Archie WW2 holiday in PE.jpg
img10583 Thomas Parkinson Howcrofts WW1 medal.jpg
img10584 Frank Hedges Butler.jpg
img10585 Uncle Douglas.jpg

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