My photographic services are priced competitively. To make things easy I have created 'sessions', pre-paid blocks of time that include everything needed to delivery great images.

Image license - from 25
My images are copyright and all rights reserved, so please don't help yourself. Image search technology is free and easy to use. If you would like to use an image for your website or other purpose then please get in touch, give me some details and I may be able to supply a high-res JPG, TIF or RAW if this is required.

Please note that if you use my images without authorisation I will charge a fee for the image, plus a 250 administration fee.

One-hour sessions - 50
One hour sessions are great for quick family portraits, graduation or personal photographs for LinkedIn or business. Shoot in the comfort of your own home, where you can change clothes and use props. Alternatively, shoot in a location where you feel comfortable or is relevant to the image, such as in your office. Sessions are available throughout the day and last 1 hour from the time we arrive till when we leave. You can typically expect between 20 and 50 images 48 hours after the event.

One-hour sessions are not available for events.

Half-day sessions - 100
Half-day sessions are ideal for family and guests, functions, band photography or a business. Shoot in the comfort of your own home or on location. Morning and afternoon sessions are available, and will typically last 2-3 hours including setting up. Typically between 30 and 150 images will be supplied 48 hours after the event.

Half-day sessions are not available for weddings.

Evening sessions - 100
Evening sessions are aimed at functions, birthdays, dinners and Christmas parties. I can shoot in the location of your choice, and the session will typically last 2-3 hours including setting up. Between 30 and 150 images will be supplied 48 hours after the event.

Evening sessions are not available for weddings.

Event sessions - 300
Event sessions are suitable for weddings, company functions and sports events. I use a reportage style and only set up a few formal photographs. Shooting will take place at the venue/s of your choosing. These are usually full-day activities, with lots of processing after the event. Typically 150 and 300 images will be supplied, 72 hours after the event.

Split locations, special effects and display of images during the event are possible. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I do have some basic terms and conditions that you need to be aware of.

  • Sometimes a little extra is required. Session prices exclude any direct costs, like parking, and exclude any alternative and extra processing, file formats, 'touchups' and prints.
  • Specialised lighting and backgrounds are available, but these have to be pre-arranged and may incur a fee.
  • Images will be taken in my style, with numerous examples on this website or on request. I can tailor my style to your requirements, within limits.
  • All images will be supplied in digital JPG format, images are processed and not straight out of camera.
  • I reserve the right to edit or not release images that I do not think are of suitable quality.
  • Usually full sized images are supplied (for printing) along with reduced size (30% or so) images that more suitable for email and social media.
  • The time to supply images is not guaranteed, and images usually have to be collected (files are too large for email).
  • Fees exclude travel to distant or multiple locations, parking and venue entrance fees.
  • Sessions start when I arrive at the venue, and end when the last photograph is taken.
  • If time runs out then it is at my discretion whether to continue or not. If I am able to continue, then I will ask permission to continue and the next highest session rate will then apply.
  • Payment must be made before booking will be confirmed. Up to the day of the shoot there is a 50% cancellation fee, thereafter 100%.
  • I have safety training and PPE if you wish to shoot at a site.
  • I retain copyright to the images and have a right to use any image in promotions and commercial activity. You may request otherwise.
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Insurance and liability is the client's responsibility.
  • I do not accept liability under any circumstances for direct or consequential injury, losses or damage to any party. If otherwise required by law then my liability is limited to fees paid.
  • Clients should check that their chosen venue allows photography, and what the terms are. A refund may not be given if the venue prevents or constrains the session.
  • Any variation in terms must be in writing, and I'm happy to confirm everything by email.