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This journal encourages participation of a wide audience, each with their own approach, perspectives and understanding. It is also a global journal, embracing a wide range of languages and cultures. Users of this website are encouraged to be tolerant and respect the viewpoints of others.

This journal is an English language journal, and authors and subscribers are asked to submit their papers and comments solely in English.

Disagreement and debate are natural and to be expected in an active online environment. Authors should expect their papers to be discussed. Comments should be posted with the best possible intent, be courteous and polite, and kept relevant to the paper. If in doubt, please ask for clarification of the meaning or intent of a paper or comment before responding. Religion, politics and personal discussion are strictly banned, and abusive language or tone will not be accepted. Excessive pushing of an agenda, suppressing or ridiculing the efforts or viewpoints of another will also not be tolerated.

Moderation will be applied to papers and posts of any form. Moderators may take a range of actions, including removing posts and banishment for persistent abusers of the policies. Users may report perceived breaches to the administrator. Moderators’ action is at their sole discretion, and the journal is under no obligation to publish or remove any material.

Authors have to use their real names in their papers. Subscribers wishing to comment on papers are similarly encouraged to use their real names as a username, and must not rely on anonymity.

Plagiarism and copyright infringement are not acceptable under any circumstances. Quoted work should be cited and referenced, paraphrasing must be avoided, and credit must be given to images, content and ideas taken from other sources. Before being tempted, please remember that this website may retain a permanent record of transgressions that may have later career implications.

This journal may collect information about its users and contact users occasionally with news relevant to the journal. No information will be used for commercial purposes or supplied to external parties.

The Journal is hosted in a complex technical environment that may impose restrictions, need maintenance or may experience difficulties. Should the technical difficulties persist, please contact the administrator with details of the problem. The Internet is also rife with security issues, and these place a severe burden on all websites. This site will not tolerate spam, commercial posts, hacking and attempts to breach security, and transgressors will be reported to their ISPs and user accounts deleted. The Journal cannot be held liable for data losses or breaches due to malicious activity.

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