Reviews 1, 1st Quarter 2011

Enabling discussion widens the traditional review process and encourages more open and critical debate of contemporary thinking.

The Reviews section of the Online Journal of Project Management is a unique feature and an alternative to the traditional publication. This section of the Journal provides authors with a less formal and rigorous forum to present their draft papers, developing theory, early academic argument, methodology and practice designs, observations, perspectives and points of view, research and dissertation proposals, and industry reflections. In so doing authors, may test the water, obtain independent feedback, encourage debate, solicit advice, solve problems, or even find research collaborators.

Almost any paper related to project management may be submitted for Review. These should conform to the submission guidelines (here), and will be checked by the Editor before posting in the current Review. The Editor may also choose to reject the paper or require amendments, but work at an early state of completion will generally be accepted.

Reviews will be organised alphabetically and grouped by month or quarter. Authors may choose to remain anonymous, each review will appear on its own page and may be cited.

Reviews will be open to comments by all registered users. Authors may respond to comments, and may revise and resubmit the paper. All comments will be moderated by the Editorial Panel to ensure the Usage Policy is complied with (here).

The Editorial Panel may promote Review papers at any time to appear in the next Issue. The Panel will contact the author for approval and the relevant paper will be moved from the Reviews section to the relevant Issue. A placeholder left with the comments to inform readers that the paper has been promoted.

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