Academics, practitioners and students wishing to share their knowledge are invited to contribute papers and share their thoughts on papers contributed by others. 

Call for papers
The Online Journal of Project Management provides researchers, students and practitioners involved or interested in the field of project management with an opportunity to to present and exchange their ideas. Submissions are invited for robust papers discussing any aspect of project management theory and practice; including quantitative and qualitative research, case studies, reflection, experience based observation, and reviews of contemporary literature and thinking.

Submission guidelines
Please email your paper to submissions@electronjournal.comand adhere to the following guidelines and to the usage policy:

1. Papers must be submitted in only .doc or .rtf format.
2. Documents should not be zipped.
3. Papers should be no more than 5000 words in length.
4. Papers should begin with title, author’s name, affiliation and email.
5. Abstracts should be between 100 and 500 words in length.
6. Papers should include up to 6 keywords, and these are to appear below the abstract.
7. Referencing should follow the Harvard format.
8. Please do not use footnotes or endnotes.
9. Please do not use page numbers, multiple columns and other forms of page layout.
10. Diagrams should be included in the paper (not as attachments), labelled and referred to in the text by those labels.
11. Clearly note in the submission email…
     a) whether the paper is to be included in the Reviews or Issues.
     b) whether comments are to be allowed or not allowed (Issues only).
     c) whether the author wishes to remain anonymous (Reviews only).

Please ensure that papers submitted for publication have not been previously published elsewhere in any language. Once published in this journal, papers may not be published elsewhere in future in any language. A copyright release will be required before final acceptance to allow the publisher to present the paper in the journal.

Review process
This Journal operates a dual review system that aims to encourage debate and discussion about contemporary thinking.

Papers submitted to Issues are first checked by the Editor to ensure they conform to the submission guidelines (details on the Contribute page), then submitted to the Editorial Panel for blind peer-review. The Panel may accept the paper, accept with changes, or reject. Authors may opt to release the rejected paper into the Reviews section. Accepted papers will be published in the next Issue.

Papers submitted for Review are checked by the Editor for conformance to submission guidelines, then placed in the Reviews section of the Journal. Registered users (contributers and subscribers) may then comment on the paper and read other comments in the moderated blog-type environment. Authors will have the opportunity to respond to comments, and to amend their submission.

Papers in the Reviews section may also be promoted to the next Issue at any time by the Editorial Panel. Authors will be informed of this promotion, and have the option not to promote their paper.