The Online Journal of Project Management is a refreshing makeover of the modern academic journal, merging the immediacy of online publications with the involvement of online forums and the rigour of the traditional research journal. The approach and features are designed to cater to a broad audience of academics, practitioners and students.

Monthly Issues and an Editorial Panel will ensure the journal publishes robust papers whilst minimising publication delays. A community-based review process and a Reviews section allows authors to ‘test the water’, submit new papers to a broad audience and help develop and disseminate knowledge in a collaborative setting.

Aims and Objectives
This journal aims to provide academics, practitioners and students in the field of project management with a resource and forum for their knowledge. This aim will be achieved through free global dissemination of knowledge to research, industry and education; limiting of review and publication delays through the use of technology, and encouraging public scrutiny of research, debate of ideas and true peer review through the use of electronic forums.

The Journal
The journal will appear as a two tier integrated publication. A monthly ISSUE will consist of an unlimited number of papers, selected by the Editorial Panel from papers contributed to the REVIEWS section. Journal ISSUE papers will be cited as the Online Journal of Project Management, March 2011 Issue.

All submitted papers will be checked and then included in the REVIEWS section of the Journal. Papers in the REVIEWS section may be cited as the Online Journal of Project Management, March 2011 Reviews.

This Journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas for academics, practitioners and students who wish to acquire knowledge, publish research, raise their academic or industry profile, find collaborators for their research or recruit staff.

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