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Artisan Artist Management is a boutique management business offering promotion, management and services to a broad spectrum of musicians, photographers, fine artists and performing artists.

Signed artists are provided services on a percentage basis, but ad-hoc services are also available to artists who are not affiliated with us. We take care of business, projects, promotions and production so that you may focus on your art. Tailored services are delivered quickly, professionally and for probably the lowest fees in the industry. Drop us a line if you need help or just want to discuss your latest project.

Services for musicians

We organise, manage and photograph tours based on your specifications and budget. Artisan Artists managed Jonny Goode's fantastic week-long tour of London, with sixteen events in seven days that gave him massive exposure to local audiences and a database of dozens of music industry contacts. Artisan organised the venues, transport, accomodation, food and drink, equipment, flyers, web pages, diary, meetings with talent scouts and promoters, and of course the photographs.

View his tour diary here:

Essential recording and studio production facilities and a critical sound engineer to add polish to your creations:

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Custom backing tracks
  • Live sound engineering
  • Advice and tutorials via Skype

    Whether it is in studio, location or stage; we can shoot your headshots, group photos, performances, album covers, website images and social media fluff. We will even consider doing shorts and live music videos.

    Assisting you with album covers, CD packaging, posters, logos and web graphics.

    Web site design
    A well-designed website will showcase your work and provide visitors with an experience to remember. We can assist with design, development and hosting of your site, as well as social media and SEO.

    Artistic strategy
    Helping you plan your artistic trajectory with an eye the business, brand and promotion.

    Project management
    Events and launches can be a scramble. We'll handle the planning, service providers, make sure things get done, people get paid and results are delivered.

    What will it take to get you known? We'll work with you to devise innovative and cost-effective promotions, explore new channels and experiment with new technologies.

    Whether it is a gig, support act, tour, wedding, radio spot or other performance opportunities, we'll find a way to put you in front of an audience.

    We'll help you put CDs on the shelves, sell them online yourself, or place tracks on sites like iTunes for download. If you don't want to go the commercial route we can add CD sales to your website, load your tracks onto SoundCloud or place your video on Youtube or Vimeo.

    Session musicians
    Has your drummer taken ill? Do you need to add a little guitar to your next track? We might have just the right musician to help you out.

    Licensing can be traumatic. We'll help find licensing opportunities, draft contracts and negotiate deals.

  • Services for photographers

    Image editing
    We have the tools and skills to manipulate images, from resampling and tone mapping, to full-scale touch-ups and modifications.

    Web site design
    A well-designed photographic website will showcase your work and provide visitors with an experience they will remember. We can assist with design, development and hosting.

    Putting on an exhibition can be rewarding and fun, but it involves a lot of work. We can assist with planning, selection, production, finding a gallery or venue, invitations, web pages, social media...

    Book covers, magazines, advertising... the opportunities are endless and we can help get your images out there, and make sure that you are rewarded appropriately.

    We offer tutorials in wildlife and event photography.

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