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Valerie and Sergei

Hot property at the moment are songwriting duo Valerie and Sergei.

Valerie Dmitrieva writes commercial lyrics for artists in Russia, Lithuania and the United States of America. Her songs have received airtime on radio stations in Moscow and Lithuania, and songs written in collaboration with Dmitrij Todorov have been played on the radio in Los Angeles. Valerie sings too, having performed on tracks like 'Everytime'. She is currently based in the United Kingdom and is collaborating with a number of Russian composers.

Sergei Tiagnyriadno was born in 1981 in Kiev, Ukraine. He studied music from the age of four and finished music school as a pianist and clarinetist. As a performing artist since the age of 14, Sergei has played and sung in rock and pop bands, written music for movies, advertising, computer games, shows and radio programs; as well as songs for artists in different genres and styles. Most recently he has worked with Seven Seas and Shine Up. Currently based in Kyiv Ukraine, Sergei is a vocalist in a rock and pop group, manages a recording studio and works as a session musician and arranger.

The duo met through the Internet and started an online collaboration that has already produced several exciting pop and club tracks.

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